Each and everyone one of us at Grover Jackson Engineering values education. seeded in our love of  learning, we felt it only RESPONSIBLE to share the knowledge.   

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Builders Experience

Want to build your very own custom guitar, at the instruction of Grover Jackson? How about an all inclusive weekend, far away from your everyday worries, with a big smile on your face as you stand at your own bench making your own guitar...



Just because you have a CNC machine doesn't mean you feel comfortable using it. There is a lot going one when you go to transfer a CAD drawing into a CNC tool path.

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Pickup Winding

The Team will show you the ends and outs of pickups - how they work, how they're made - plus you'll get to make your very own!

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Relic 101

With an industry obsessed with vintage aesthetic, it's easy to be mislead about the process of relics. 


FloydRose Setup Class

This bad ass bridge can be a bit of a nightmare for players and techs, but it doesn't have to give you a headache anymore.


Buffing 101

Learn techniques that will help you get a beautiful, clean finish at the wheel!

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Soldering 101

The GJE Team will  teach you the techniques they use to get a solid, clean solder joint .  


Finish 101

From different application techniques to different chemical compositions; learn the ins and outs of guitar finish.