Industrial Design

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It says it right in our name - Engineering is our lifeline, one of the things we are truly passionate about. 

Below, you'll find a few of our "not-so-private" accounts.... Enjoy!

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Friedman Amplification and guitars

We've teamed up with today's leader in amplification to bring you four new lines of badass guitars. The Cali line mixes classic aesthetics with facemelting capabilities, so true to the Friedman line of amps. Whereas the Vintage-T and Vintage-S lines have the classic setup, but the aesthetics are much bolder. Then you have your Metro-D, a set-neck tone molding face-melter, with a sleek city look. Quality parts, passionate builders, made in California. What more do you need?

dunable guitars

One of the best boutique guitar builders emerging from the scene, founder of Dunable Guitars, Sasha Dunable, has reminded us what passion looks and sounds like. We teamed up with Dunable to help manifest a true vision of excellence. With all of the look and sound of an industry steeped in metal, each one is made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. 

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Sully Guitars

Rooted deep in the youth of the industry, working with Sully Guitars has reminded us to stay young and keep growing. One of today's most creative minds, Jon Sullivan, of Sully Guitars, reached out for collaboration. The aesthetics of his line breaths life back into neck set, solid body shred machines. Made in the heart of Texas, just outside of Dallas, his guitars are truly wonderful.