Grover Jackson's Building Experience 


Each all-inclusive weekend workshop provides space for up to 6 people.  There will be instructors and shop helpers willing and able to lend a hand at any time during this fast-paced electric guitar build.  Not sure if you have the skills and knowledge it takes to build a guitar? Well, we do, and we're here to help!

From winding pickups and prep sanding, to installing frets in the fingerboard of your new guitar - you'll get a hands-on experience of just how much fun it can be to create music, from the ground up! 

What Your Experience Will Look Like:

Day 1 (Thursday): We will pick you up from LAX on Thursday morning and (with a quick 30-minute stop at the hotel for you to check in and drop off  your bags) take you down to the shop! Once there, you'll get a tour of our space and a proper introduction to the team and the tools. We'll break for lunch, for about an hour. Then, you'll learn about the CNC process and programming, and have time to set up your workspace for day 2. 

Day 2 (Friday): In the morning, half of the team will assemble their fretboards, while the other half sands and preps for finish. Halfway through the morning we will switch off, so that everyone is prepped for the afternoon. We will break for lunch for about an hour. Then, we'll come back together as a team and finish the necks and bodies. 

Day 3 (Saturday): We'll start the day with an introduction to the PLEK machine, and follow up with some need-to-know info about electronics and pickups. There will be three work stations setup so that no one gets bored - one person at a time will work with the PLEK machine, while some take a turn winding pickups and others wire up their electronics harness. After that, we'll break for a much needed lunch! When we come back, we'll focus on putting it all together and setting her up to play great!

Saturday night we're going to take you out for a well deserved celebration! We'll catch some dinner and local music by the beach to help you unwind. 

Day 4 (Sunday): In the morning, we will make ourselves available for any setup tweaking and questions you may still have. And, finally, we will shuttle you back as a group to LAX. 


    *Each Builder's Experience costs $4,500. We ask for 50% deposit upfront ($2,250) as a place holder. The full balance, or that which is remaining, must be paid no later than one week prior to attending date.  We must be notified NO LATER THAN one month prior to attending date if you wish to transfer your deposit to a later class. NO REFUNDS will be automatically given unless we can fill your slot. (Please see description for what is covered in the cost, above.)

    What's Provided:

    • Hotel: Thursday, Friday and Saturday night
    • Thursday morning shuttle from LAX to hotel
    • Sunday morning shuttle from hotel to LAX
    • Daily morning shuttle from hotel to shop
    • Dinner on Saturday night (*alcoholic drinks not included)
    • Your Self-made, customized guitar
    • Customized neck plate (*nothing too vulgar)
    • Swag bag full of take-home information, a t-shirt and other goodies
    • Coffee, water and snacks. 
    • Lunch for Thursday, Friday and Saturday

    You'll Learn:

    • What it takes to design a guitar, then translate that guitar into CAD language
    • Shop Safety and everyday tools 
    • The ends and out of fret work
    • Winding pickups and how they work
    • Electronic circuits and soldering
    • Finishes and what makes them different
    • How to setup and maintain your guitar
    • Learn about how the PLEK works
    • The physics and anatomy of your electric guitar

    Hands On Experience:

    • Programing in CAD - if you have the patience.
    • Assembling your fretboard, including pressing in frets and gluing fretboard to neck  
    • Prep-sanding for finish (both body and neck)
    • Finishing your guitar 
    • Leveling and Dressing your fingerboard using the PLEK
    • Try your hand at winding pickups
    • Soldering your own wiring harness
    • Assembling and setting up your guitar

    Open Classes:

    December 2018, 6th-9th: Gendora Shape, Floyd Rose, HSS or 3-single coils

    During this class you'll build a Strat-style guitar with 3 single-coils, or 2-single-coils and a humbucker, and a Floyd Rose configuration. 


    • strat-style body
    • Floyd Rose bridge
    • pickguard
    • 3 Habanero single-coils of your choice or 2 single-coils and a humbucker
    • 22 frets
    • 25.5 scale length

    *Choices are wood and hardware are given at the time of purchase.

    This class costs $4,500. We ask for a $2,250 deposit at this time in order to save your spot. Each class only has 6 spots available. Your owed balance must be paid no later than one full month prior to your attending date. We will contact you will all of the information necessary to plan your trip and to make payment(s) of your owed balance. 

    Please refer to the Builder's Experience about what is included.

    If you're ready to buy your spot and choose your wood, all you have to do is click the button. 

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